5 Tips to Make it the “Best Day Ever!” Everyday!

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We want your champion to have the “Best Day Ever” everyday! Here are 5 tips that will help your champion have the best possible experience at Champions Academy!

1. Talk with your child positively about what they will experience each day at Champions Academy.
2. If possible, bring your son or daughter for a pre-first day visit. You are welcome to take them on a tour, show them all the fun and exciting things they will see and do, and let them meet their teacher.
3. During the first few days, if you are able, spend a little extra time with your child as they get acclimated to their new classroom. This will help both of you ease into the new routine.
4. You are always welcome to call or stop by any time during the day to see how your child is adjusting. If there is a bit of separation anxiety (which is completely normal and expected) we are happy to provide suggestions and promise to work hard to minimize any stress for you and your child!
5. Your child is going to love it here and soon walking into school will become a joyful part of their day.